Who we are?

We are an initiative launched by the Catalan Employers Association Cecot and Autoocupació, with the collaboration of the Economy's and knowledge's Department of the Catalan Government and of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) from the European Commission. It works as a physical and virtual space to coordinate effective services to support to the transferor and entrepreneur in business transferring processes.

ANTONI ABAD, President of Catalan Reempresa Center. “ The Catalan Reempresa Centre is a useful tool to assure the activity of  viable businesses from the economic point of view”.

ALBERT COLOMER, Manager of Catalan Reempresa Center. “It is seven times easier to continue with a business already existing than to build a new one”

During last years a lot of resources have been spent to build new companies. However, in addition to the creation, one equal or more important thing is to spend resources to keep solve companies in operating and don’t forced them to close down for having nobody interested in continuing with the company. For that reason Reempresa is shown as a good instrument to assure a long life to viable businesses.

Reempresa is a new growing business model, launched also at international level, which provides many advantages and benefits to business and the society of a region. In that sense, Reempresa works to consolidate a new entrepreneurship model which includes companies, buyers and sellers, while allows the assignment of the Catalan business success through business transfer. 

We promote the Catalan Reempresa Centre with the aim that our country also be involved of that movement and we commit with the strengthening and dynamism of the Catalan business.

Cecot is a multisectoral employers association which promotes and defends the interests of Catalan companies, offering an innovative and quality service to answer to present and future companies’ needs, according to the social, natural and economic environment

Autoocupació, is a non-profit, private and independent entity which aim is the self-employment promotion and unemployment reduction.