FAQ’s between entrepreneurs

Why is needed such documentation to register my Company?

Reempresa checks the information published on website. For that reason, is needed the validation of different company’s aspects as its existence, its annual accounts, property, licenses necessary to its operating, powers of attorney to transfer it, etc. However, all requested documentation is treated with strict confidentiality and  won’t be sent to any buyer without your authorization.

Does Reempresa’s service keep the confidentiality?

Reempresa maintains the confidentiality of both parties throughout all transfer process. To ensure a proper service with the inquiries made, all the information is treated confidentially and professionally by the Center’s consultants. In this way, the published ads keep the profiles blind, avoiding the identification of the company’s owner.

Once registered, what should I do if I'm interested in an ad from website?

If you are already registered and you are interested in an advertisement, you can enter your ID card number in the application to contact with the advertiser, you can find it below the transfer's offer, or you can also contact your reference consultant, providing the advertisement's code (e.g., ‘PC00000’ or ‘PR00000’).

How long will it take selling my company?

The transfer process of the business should be prepared in well in advance in order to do it in a right and ordered way. It’s is recommended to prepare the business transfer with at least one year in advance.

Company’s sell depends on multiple factors as: reasons related to supply and demand, operation’s complexity, parties’ motivations, funding, etc.

How much funding is provided by Reempresa to buy companies? Are there aids for businesses trading?

Reempresa offers advice on funding search, as well as help in the elaboration of the Reempresa Plan and the Financial Economical Plan, which are required to obtain any loan. There are several funding lines with public aids available for company’s buying and sale processes. Reempresa's consultants shall make available to the user who requires it, the full range of financing options that fits with project.

How and who calculates the transferring prices in the ads?

One of the services offered by Reempresa is the business valuation, always from an economic and financial point of view.

However, it is the user/owner who decides the initial price and the range in which he feels comfortable to start the transfer negotiation of his business.

Is it recommended to come with my advisor in a business transfer process?

The professionals of Reempresa mediate in transfer process from a neutral position, and they offer individual and personal advice to the buyer and to the seller. However it is recommended to come with your trusted advisor.

Who publishes the information of website’s advertisements?

All website information is uploaded by the consultants. After the first interview with user and the check of the requested documentation, it is published the transfer’s offer in website.

Can I contact with companies/sellers without being registered?

To benefit from Reempresa’s services it is required to be registered.

To register in, it is necessary to be interviewed by a consultant in order to guarantee the company's veracity and sellers' purposes.

Can Reempresa propose me buyers or sellers which match with what I’m looking for?

In Reempresa we search for businesses which match with buyer’s profile, also potential buyers which can fit with transfer offers. Is expected a proactive ads search through the web platform.