What we offer?

Due to the entities which are promoting Reempresa have received a public co-funding, you should know that our services have no cost for you, neither for business sellers.

From here, Reempresa offers individual advice to elaborate your own Transferring Plan, also advice throughout business transferring process, from the first introductory meeting between parties to the final purchase agreement, going through the stages of negotiation and mediation to reach the final agreement.

This support is carried out from a neutral position and applying our previous expertise.

In addition of searching companies and businesses in transferring process, which matches with your business objective profile, we offer you the following services:

- Training workshops to help you to find your company and go deeper in main aspects to take in consideration in all areas of transfer process.
- Check of the transferring plan of the business that you are interested in
- Definition of entrepreneurship project
- Advice in entrepreneurship plan elaboration
- Guidance in appraisal of the companies that interest you
- Advice in looking for funding
- Advice on drawing on the official documentation between transferor and you
- Transfer of Know-how from transferor to you.

Our services don’t have any cost for users, due to the entities which are promoting Reempresa have received public co-funding.

Consultation of transferors services here.

You can apply filling out the following form where you can choose your attention point,. Once the form be filled out, a consultor will contact you to fix the first appointment.