I want to sell my business

Who is a business seller?

We understand as a business seller to any company that wants to transfer its propriety and management to a buyer for different reasons: by family succession, by transferring to workers or to third parties.

What we offer?

Reempresa offers individual advice to elaborate your own Transferring Plan, also advice throughout business transferring process

How to transfer a business?

Anyone who have the idea to transfer the ownership and management of his/her company or his/her business to a buyer, either by family succession, by transferring to workers or to third parties.

Business transfer process

When a potential buyer is interested in your company, we start the transmission process that consist of 6 specific points.


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Support tools

We developed a seller’s guide with the methodology to assist you in Reempresa processes and allow you to answer this question: How can I find the ideal person to continue my business?

FAQ’s between business sellers

How long will it take to sell my company? How and who calculates the desired transfer price of each business? These and more questions are the ones we try to answer in this section.

Mercats Municipals

Aprofita els avantatges d’instal·lar-te en un mercat. Reempresa t’ofereix la possibilitat de reemprendre una parada en cessió o disponible d’un Mercat Municipal.

Municipis Petits

Municipis petits treballa amb l’objectiu d’evitar el tancament de negocis en funcionament a aquells municipis de la demarcació de Barcelona amb menys de 15.000 habitants.